PDR Update

We have traversed the majority of the Peninsular Developmental Road and the Telegraph road over the last couple of weeks (June 2018) on our way up to the tip and were quite surprised with the conditions of the road.There are numerous large sections that are now bitumen however the rest of the road is still dirt of varying condition. For the most part it is in quite good condition, however there are some sections that are very average and require some caution. We weren’t in a hurry and traveled most of the road between 80-90 kmh, although for a lot of it the road would have allowed us to travel faster. There were some sections of dirt that are very corrugated, especially on corners that require caution but generally these bad sections were only for a few hundred meters. There are still sections of road with large bull dust holes and numerous creek crossings that require you to slow right down to cross the washout in the valley. Most of these have warning signs placed just before them but not all! The worst section of road for corrugations would be the 15km’s south of the Jardine ferry, which they are currently grading at the moment to improve it, but overall the majority of the dirt was in reasonably good condition. We were also lucky enough for the most part to have enough breeze to carry the dust away and clear the air after oncoming traffic. In the past I have experienced the dust to hang over the road for quite some time! We are constantly amazed by the amount of people we meet who have been more or less pushed off the road by someone in too much of a hurry to be courteous to others on the road. If you’re heading this way, drive with caution, stay on the left, especially around corners and respect others on the road.

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