Pennefather River

Pennefather River is 72 kilometres north of Weipa on the coast. With gorgeous coastline, fishing out in the ocean or down the river and plenty of beach front camping spots to watch fish and rays jumping out of the water and crocodiles sunning themselves on the banks of the beaches and lagoon.

We seriously loved Pennefather and 3 nights was hardly enough. Currently it is a free camping spot as this year they aren’t collecting fees or permits. There are long drops, as well as in the rangers station; a flushing toilet, cold shower and satellite phone. With great shore based fishing, plenty of Queenfish, Bream, Cod, and if you have a boat it’s even better. How could you not love this place, no wonder people make the trek from as far as Tassie to spend 3 months up here every year.

We had heard so much about this place during this trip, from people we met, social media and it was in a 4wd mag recently too. It is meant to be a fishing mecca and with Steve’s recent bad luck with fishing we thought our best chances were heading out there. On day 1 we spent 2 hours fishing off some rocks with no luck and hardly a sighting of fish wasn’t looking promising. Then he went off into the evening and caught 6 Queenfish without any worries. We had plenty for dinner and the next day!
Then the next morning our neighbour, John, came back with a gift of a massive cod he had caught, one fillet of this fed us 6 meals! We were also gifted too beautiful Bream by another couple. We were totally blessed by the people camping out there and their superior fishing skills.

Because of this we have been eating better than we do at home! We are still getting used to only having a fridge and when we acquired some good fish it meant Steve had to eat steak for breakfast. We have eaten baked queenie with an Asian rice noodle salad, beer battered cod with sweet potato chips, curried queenie cakes in lettuce cups, and whole fried crispy skinned bream with stirfry. With our fridge full of fish we hit the road again, thinking about when we could possibly return. It’s a top spot to visit on the Cape and don’t be surprised if you stay longer than planned.

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