A Humble Grumble

Last month we spent 16 days between hot showers and half way through I (Amy) was seriously starting to wonder if I was going to survive 12 months. Yes, we could have easily booked into a caravan park for a night or two but we are trying to keep our budget down so we can travel for as long as we can, so it didn’t seem quite like the right time. Steve’s wise words of ‘people in the world do this all the time’ and ‘We have more luxuries than they did a 100 years ago’, weren’t much of a comfort but they were the truth.
The truth is I love comfort and a comfortable lifestyle. I have taken for granted having clean feet, not having midgee and mozzie bites driving me nuts, unlimited clean water on tap and four walls to keep me distant from the environment.
The reality is that we currently still have plenty of water to drink and wash with, we have power and a fridge to keep food and drinks cold, we have shelter, transport, savings and worse comes to worse in life we have supportive and loving families to fall back on; which means we are more blessed than most in the world and some in Australia. So in my moment of mild discomfort, I grumbled and then was humbled.

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