Let’s Talk Bugs

🐜One thing we weren’t expecting quite so many issues with on our travels is bugs.

We’d made sure to bring some Tupperware containers for storing food and other bags so everything is sealed well away from them and thankfully we haven’t had any problems there yet.🐞

However, we weren’t expecting the small black ant infestation that occured where they seemed to make a home under the car somewhere and swarmed the car every time we stopped driving. Nor did we expect the wasp in our bed, or for it not to die after we thought we’d crushed it to pieces. Or those other wasps that make mud homes on the tent cover, or under the maxtraxs. We have had the grasshopper with return visits to the cutlery drawer (who knows why) and green ants marching up awning ropes to gather dead bugs and make a new home. Not to mention the ‘yellow waxy stuff’ that grew inside the kitchen area and took us a while to realise it was hundreds of green jumping spider eggs. All of this plus the worst of them all, the biting ones like mozzies, sandflies and recently another weird flying, blood sucking weevil type bug!πŸ•·πŸ•Έ

We have found solutions for some of these but others still pester us. We now carry a can of surface spray to help control infestations and stop the ants from climbing awning ropes. We have a container of ant rid liquid to destroy any infestations. We try to cover up to keep biting bugs away but that can be hard when it’s hot and humid and they often seem to appear out of nowhere and catch you by surprise! So we now carry more bug spray and tubes of anti-itch cream to help with those annoying bites on the odd occasion we still get bitten.🐝🐜

So while we are having a great time seeing amazing places, we are experiencing a lot more than our glamorous pictures show but we wouldn’t have it any other way (ok we would, no more itchy bites please).🐞🐝

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