Month 2

Over the last month we have conquered the Frenchman’s and Old Coach Road, which have been absolutely fantastic 4wd tracks with gorgeous scenery along the way. We have cringed and cheered at the Laura Rodeo. Slowed down to absorb in Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park and the Quinkan Aboriginal rock art.

Climbed to the top of Mt Cook and gone absolutely nuts with the strong trade winds blowing away our lunches. Then chilled out with all the rainbow coloured fish and Coral Trout in the Great Barrier Reef. We are coming to the end of our time in Cape York and we have loved exploring this vast and rugged country. While we definitely have done it slower than most, clocking up 50 days above Cairns, we have still only just scraped the surface of what is out there.

Camping on the Wenlock River

It has been an eventful month and one where we are learning to slow down and take it all in more. We have travelled from Weipa all the way back down to Mereeba in the Atherton Tablelands over the past 30 days with plenty of kilometres in between. Being lost in the rainforest, searching for an elusive waterfall near Mount Tozer for 3 hours was probably not our most enjoyable expedition, but we were grateful for a waterproof phone and hema maps. Steve celebrated his birthday by 4wding, eating a camp oven roast and relaxing with friends around a raging fire. The biggest highlight was going out to the Great Barrier Reef, right near the edge of the continental shelf, snorkeling and diving at a couple different reef sites as well as being lucky enough to see a family of humpback whales passing through.

Relaxing at Home Rule Falls

Steve has spent a fair bit of this month learning to fish and in some spots he has been very successful. Pennefather had a beautiful beach and river mouth with fish that just jumped out of the water. We loved our few days here relaxing and being fed on fresh fish each day. Using Christmas money he was given he went out on a fishing charter from Cooktown with Cooktown Barra Charters which resulted in a beautiful sunrise oiver the reef, enough fish for over a week including a beautiful Coral Trout which simply melted in our mouths.

Freshly caught Sooty Grunter cooked on the fire. Wenlock River, Frenchman’s Track, Cape York

We have had a couple of car issues. After numerous water crossings on the Old Telegraph Track and the Frenchman’s over the last few weeks our starter motor was becoming less reliable to the point where it eventually wouldn’t start the car anymore. It was great that we were with friends that morning and could get a tow start from our sandy campsite on the Palmer River. It’s now working like a dream again after Steve pulled it apart and cleaned up the contractors. Our second battery in the car, which was only being used for charging devices, decided to give up. So that’s been disconnected and dropped off at a Supercheap Auto for their recycle battery pick up.

Vague plans have been made for the months ahead as we are thinking of exploring the Atherton Tablelands before we head west along the Savannah Way. It’s a loose plan because every time we have made plans they have changed which is all part of the fun.

Steve’s Collection- the ‘things’ he has found along the way

• Knipex pliers
• $2.75

Catfish Waterhole, Riniyurru (Lakefield) National Park

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