DIY Reusable Cotton Bread Bags

This project is a great one to do if you only have an hour spare or for a quiet Sunday afternoon. Plus you will be rewarded with an everyday item that will keep your bread or vegetables fresher than plastic bags, without the waste and they look so much better too.

I have been using these mostly to store bread for better insulation, it is particularly good in warm and humid environments where it absorbs a bit of moisture. They are especially good for vegetables in the fridge, especially a car fridge, as it absorbs the moisture and keeps the vegetables fresher for longer and stops them from going mouldy too quickly. I had celery in mine the other week and it stayed crispy and fresh for over a week, until we ate it all up!

What you need:

  • Cotton material- one patterned and one plain.
  • Ruler, triangle ruler and pencil
  • Sewing machine- with basic foot
  • Iron and ironing board


First you need to cut out 2 pieces of material, one of each type of material, 33cm by 88cm or 4 pieces, 2 of each type, 33cm by 44cm. I’m now going to assume that you have cut one piece of each and folded them in half and iron, as pictured. Then sew along the 2 long sides so that you will have a pouch. Do the same for the other piece.

The next part is making a bottom for the bag which is flat and rectangular. For each bag, move the bag so that the seam runs down the middle (as pictured), flatten out the bottom, which will create a triangle at each end. Measure 7.5cm down both edges from the tip at one end, now draw a line between the two to complete a triangle, this is where you will sew. Do this on the other end and both ends of your second piece of material. Once you have sewn along the line, cut off the top of the triangle 1cm outside of your line of stitching (as pictured).

Then cut out another piece of material 5cm by 37cm, for the tie. Iron this as you would bias binding and iron the raw ends tucked in the middle so it is neat and tidy. Sew along the edges. Place this 6cm down from the top of the outside patterned bag and sew in place, I did this along the seam as it looks neater.

Put your bags together with the wrong side facing towards each other. This is where it is starting to look like a nice thick double layer bread bag. Once you play around with them sitting into each other nicely, iron down the top with 2 folds (I put my lining on the outside) and sew in place to make a neat hem. Then you are finished, all you need to do is remember to take it shopping with you and use it.

Enjoy! If you have any questions or feedback, comment below


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