Month 4 Update

This month was one of absolute divine waterfalls, swimming holes, jaw dropping rock formations and sweaty hiking. It is the month where I, Amy, have gone from being unfit and sluggish to being able to conquer 19km hikes in high 30 degree weather; something of which I never comprehended that I could achieve. We have stayed in amazing campsites where we have had a slice of paradise all to ourselves and dodgy rest stops with no toilet (so gross). It has all been worth it and we wouldn’t want to be doing it any other way.


Visiting 4 National Parks this month; Boodjamulla, Limmen, Nitmiluk & Kakadu; we have been absolutely spoilt, seeing some of the best that Australia has to offer. From sunrise looking over Lawn Hill Creek, seeing the red cliffs light up with the mornings glow, to a roaring red sunset while relaxing in Gunlom’s natural infinity pool. All of these places deserve their own time and space to be talked about, and in time I will put up a little bit about each place and their highlights. Click here to see the post on Boodjamulla.

This month seems to be the month where we have really found our groove in travelling. We have worked out what works for us and travel faster or slower depending on the surrounds and how we are feeling at the time. We have travelled faster through Kakadu than we would have liked due to temperatures of 38°C for the whole week we were there. If it had been cooler we would have been more comfortable finding a camp, relaxing and spending more time taking it all in. However the heat was stifling so we just pumped out some big days of hiking and exploring. This month we have also started preparing to settle into Darwin for a while, experiencing a wet season and topping up the bank account once again. This is certainly sooner than we expected we might stop and it isn’t because we seem to be finding items to spend our money on every month to blow the budget. There is a part of each of us that does miss working and we wanted to be close to the Kimberley for the beginning of next dry season. If we didn’t stop now we would have to stop to work next year in the dry when we want to be exploring, so we are giving up a little bit now to gain more later on. The best part has been op shopping for new work clothes and I’ve found some absolute bargains on good quality clothes. Blogging and sharing our journey has certainly helped with having something to ‘work’ for each day and to challenge us in new ways, developing our photography, video and editing skills.

Gunlom infinity pool, Kakadu

I want to be real with you and share not only the good parts of travelling but the struggles as well. However, apart from not having a toilet always accessible, this lifestyle suits me fine. It’s a simple life where makeup doesn’t matter. I can be more present in the small tasks I undertake because I’m very rarely in a rush to do a million jobs. I don’t mind having to hand wash dishes and clothes because I’m not working. Alas this will be ending soon for a while as we bunker down for the wet season, experience tropical storms and lightning and getting out to explore more of the Top End.

Crossing the border

What we have learnt:

  • Steve loves online shopping. Amy has a social media addiction.
  • Katherine, NT has great op shops with designer clothes at good prices.
  • Saltwater crocodiles have a great sense of smell for water and when seeking out a new water hole can get confused by rainwater tanks or flushing toilets.
  • It pays to take the time to talk to and get to know the locals whenever possible. This has more than once yielded directions to ‘locals only knowledge’ spots to camp or visit that aren’t on wikicamps.

Steve’s collection the ‘things’ he has found along the way

• Valve cap off a wheel
• $1.05
• NT cans and bottles which has made us $10.40!
• High tensile bolt

Click here to check out our expenses for this month!

Sunset at Ubirr Lookout, Kakadu

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