Overland Telegraph Track- Video

Driving the OTT is THE single most iconic part of travelling in Cape York and it certainly did not disappoint! We spent 6 nights along the track and just loved every single moment. But the first day was certainly the most interesting.
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Month 4 Update

This month was one of absolute divine waterfalls, swimming holes, jaw dropping rock formations and sweaty hiking. It is the month where I, Amy, have gone from being unfit and sluggish to being able to conquer 19km hikes in high 30 degree weather; something of which I never comprehended that I could achieve. We have stayed in amazing campsites where we have had a slice of paradise all to ourselves and dodgy rest stops with no toilet (so gross). It has all been worth it and we wouldn’t want to be doing it any other way.

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Setting Up Camp

We have been on the road for 3 months and set up camp countless times, it now takes us only 6 minutes from the time we pull up to sitting down and taking in the view! We are loving our simple set up, that’s quick, organised and can go anywhere we need it to.

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